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Brokenness, the common ground between all people.  Become new.


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 “In the beginning, I could not even look at myself in the mirror. I used to think how I am prettier than others. The accident has changed my outlook. Beauty is not skin. Beauty is what your heart looks like. If people are struggling with outer appearance, they need to be gl...

 "After the accident, my church built a home for us. Church members came to the pastor of The Refuge and told him they should help Caroline and I with a home. People who came to help build the house did not even know us. They have no idea how much they helped me. We were lef...

Caroline: “My mommy getting hurt made me feel sad. My mom looks beautiful. I helped my momma open string cheese.” Courtney: “She would say to me ‘hold my hand momma, I will help you walk.’ She helped me open stuff when I needed help. She has helped me a lot. She has been my...

"We were sitting at the campfire on our two-month wedding anniversary when I found myself in flames. When I got cold, he put gasoline on the fire. The fire shot up and he swung the gas can that sent the fire toward me. I was engulfed into flames. I stopped, dropped, and roll...

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