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Brokenness, the common ground between all people.  Become new.


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"One of the lowest moments of my life was when my father passed away. I was 23 years old. My anger was a secondary expression of fear. I had fear that manifested itself into anger. I wondered if I could trust God. Looking back now, I realize how immature I was in my faith. I...

"My first baby daughter was shaking violently. She had convulsions in her right arm; she was born five months prematurely. I was scared and prayed to God. I struggled with sleeping. She was taken to a clinic near Chiang Rai. No matter the outcome, I knew I could trust God. T...

“My husband cheated on me and married someone else, and it really hurt. I was raised in a Christian family. My parents did go to church regularly. My marriage was difficult. We had lots of fights and quarrels. When we officially divorced, I prayed and prayed. My heart was no...

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