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Brokenness, the common ground between all people.  Become new.


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“Pat died at 16 years and 4 days, right after he got his drivers license.  My son was on the back of a motorcycle that a guy was getting ready to buy and he killed him.  He only lived about two hours.  Going through the grieving process was extremely tough.  I was stuck in t...

“My wife and I were struggling to have kids. I got married at the age of 35. Seven years into our marriage, we still were not able to have kids. We kept trying and prayed a lot. We went to different doctors, but no one gave us a clear answer. When God gave us kids, He gave u...

"I was just a baby and had several illnesses. My dad told my family we needed to go see a witch doctor. When we went to see the witch doctor, he was not home, but we found some neighbors who were Christians. In order to save me as a baby, they prayed over me. I almost died,...

“My mom and dad passed away from cancer. It was tough. I grew up in a time when there was war between the Thailand government and the Communist Party. We built a bomb shelter. I was a part of the Mo tribe. A missionary from Finland shared the Gospel message with me, and I wa...

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