“I’m now 71 years old and have recently been baptized, giving the glory back to Jesus Christ.  I felt the most broken as a child.  My Dad was physically and verbally abusive.  I wanted to give up.  God clearly spoke to me and told me that there was worth in who I was and to trust that He was guiding and walking with me through my life.  As a young child, I knew I had to surrender to God, because without God in my life, life had no purpose.  When I was nineteen years old, I married Chuck.  He now represented to me all the good in my life and I looked to him to guide me.  I took for granted all the good in my life and gave others the credit for creating the good.  Since I have surrendered my will over to God my life has been absolutely wonderful.  Nothing except my love for God and Jesus Christ consumes my day.  I can face worldly things with faith and know that I’m on the right path.  My name is Anne and I surrender.”


(Anne, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)


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