“I got my last strike for drugs and was getting ready to go do my 3-year prison time.  I dropped out of school in the 9th grade.  I don’t have a high school diploma and I have 3 kids. I left all my kids with my mom to raise because their mother is not in their life due to drugs, also.  I didn’t have nothing for myself; no future, no good way to support my kids.  I felt hopeless when I was sitting in county.  I was feeling bad.  I just saw the light. I knew I needed to be a father to my kids.  I needed to grow up and change.  My father wasn’t in my life.  God is my savior; I didn’t have to go do my prison time.  Instead, I went to recovery treatment programs; Options Adult Services and Oxford House.  I have my own place now.  I’m sober and have a job.  I have one of my kids full time and will have all 3 in May.  My name is Ravon and I surrender.”

(Ravon, Wichita, Kansas)


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