“I wasn’t ready to be on my own, I didn’t know how to be on my own.  I moved out of the house when I was 17.  That was the most broken that I’ve ever been.  I was completely shunned from my family.  My parents were totally against their daughter dating someone outside their race.  My high school sweetheart was a black guy.  I knew about God from my upbringing, but I didn’t have a relationship with God.  During those years that I was estranged from my family I was hungry to find something, so I started to read my bible. I found Jesus.  I realized that He did understand my plight because he too had been rejected.  I related to Him.  He understood my pain. I fell in love with Him.  I gave my life to him.  Six months ago, I was having a hard time. There were sins in my life that I was in bondage too.  I was praying and asking God to please show me what it was that I was doing wrong.  I felt Jesus come into my room and stand at the foot of the bed.  I was in a hotel and outside was a pool.  He got into the pool and motioned for me to come and I did.  I realized He was going to baptize me.  I thought it was strange because I had already been baptized.  He put one hand on my chest and one hand on my back and dipped me back underneath the water.  After a few seconds, I realized it was time for Him to lift me up and He didn’t.  It scared me, I really didn’t understand what He was doing.  I was fighting and flailing in the water because I wanted to get up.  I looked up through the water and I could see Him and I felt the word die come over me.  I knew what it meant, it meant that I needed to die to myself.  I needed to die to my will.  I needed to die to the parts of me that I wanted to hold onto to.  At that moment, I understood.  I needed to let go and completely surrender my life in every area and not just the areas that I had given to Him prior in my life.  I stopped fighting.  I just laid there and He brought me up.  I completely surrender my life to God, I didn’t want control.  My name is Sheri and I surrender.”


Matthew 10:39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.


(Sherri, Manhattan, Kansas)


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