“I was born 5 months pre-mature, I weighed one pound and ten ounces. It was a miracle. My grandma started taking me to church, she’s Christian. Through serving, I was able to learn and grow with God and form a relationship with Him. Jr. High is when I started developing my own faith. I wanted to go to church more. My Aunt baptized me at the end of eighth grade. I graduated High School and I was trying to go to Manhattan Christian College (MCC), but my family didn’t support me in doing that. They didn’t want me to go. They didn’t understand why I was going to a bible college, they didn’t have any faith or hope. It wasn’t all of my family, but it was the majority. I worked four jobs to get to college and saved up money for two years. Ever since the fifth grade, I wanted to go to MCC, even though I had never visited the college. I just knew that God had a calling for me. It was hard not to look at the negativity, but I focused on my faith. That’s what I had to lean on, because I didn’t have my family’s support. Have faith, fully trust in God, and don’t worry. He can help you conquer anything and will walk you through it. My name is Zach and I surrender.”

(Zach, Manhattan, Kansas)



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