"We went to the local witch doctor to fill a void in my life, and it did not help. We went to the Buddhist temple and it did not help. We donated lots of money, and that did not help either. I went through a phase in my adulthood where I was not finding satisfaction in life. I felt like everything was going well in my life, but I felt something was missing; there was this void in my life. I married a man from Switzerland who is the love of my life. I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ through a friend who attends a Christian church and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Even though it is not popular to be a Christian in Thailand, I am proud to live for Christ in my home country. The void I was feeling in my life was filled up by the love of Jesus. Jesus gives me peace. The love of God gives me so much more joy than I could ever imagine. People try to find their life with everything else but God. God is love. My name is Jae, and I surrender."


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