“The darkest time was in my first divorce. I didn’t realize her friend was also her boyfriend. We all lived together before I found out and I was asked to live in the garage on my own.  I think God was telling me that my gut feeling was right and I confronted her. She finally admitted it. During this divorce, I was reading Job in the bible and it told me I was going to go through hardships and that I wasn’t the only one. In the middle of that hotel room, I first recognized who Jesus was. I realized He was actually there. I was raised Presbyterian and my mom taught me that even though I was visually impaired, I was just the same as everybody else. That is going to be the name of my book, Differently The Same.  Somebody didn’t tell the world that, though, because they believed something else. I was bullied in school. From reading the bible, I believed that although things were going wrong now, in the end, they would be OK. People were amazed at my attitude but I kept telling them it was God that was keeping me strong. My name is Raymond and I surrender.”

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