“When our family gathered, we all thought we were going to need a lawyer. In 1999, my family went through a stressful time. We had people accusing us that we were living on their property. This was the only piece of land that my family had. We grew all of our rice and generated our income with our land. We prayed, prayed, and prayed! God worked through the situation and the accusations were figured out through the power of prayer. We all need to pray daily. I was raised in a Christian family in Burma. Financial troubles prompted my move to Thailand. Jesus was the only person I knew when I passed through the mountains to Thailand. I was invited to go to a church in Thailand, and now I am inviting others to come with me. Every time I have asked God to work through conflicts in relationships, Jesus has given me peace and worked through the struggles. If we are in Christ, all things are possible. We need to pray to God daily. My name is Priscilla, and I surrender.”

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