“My eye problem got worse and worse; it was becoming hard to see. I was born into a Christian family. When I was a young boy, I did not know Jesus. When I was a teenager, I was playing with some friends at the river and my friend pushed me into the deep water. I would have drowned if God did not save me. One day at school while I was in the classroom, I looked up into the ceiling and something went into my eye. It blinded my eye in which I could only see a little bit. My parents and pastors prayed for me, but I was not healed. I was taken to a witch doctor, but we decided to turn back because that did not honor Jesus. My parents were hurt and even talked about killing themselves. 15 days before Christmas, we made Lisu bread and prayed together as a family, and my eye became healed a few days later. I learned to speak Thai and use that to share the Gospel. Now I work in an audio and media program ministry to share Jesus to others. Only Jesus is the true source of our happiness. God has taught me so much about patience. My name is Mark and I surrender.”

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