“My wife and I were struggling to have kids. I got married at the age of 35. Seven years into our marriage, we still were not able to have kids. We kept trying and prayed a lot. We went to different doctors, but no one gave us a clear answer. When God gave us kids, He gave us twins. Before I was married, I was addicted to drugs and went to jail for a year. That was many years ago. I used to have ahot temper. By learning, reading, and praying, Jesus taught me how to be gentle. My entire family was shocked by how much Jesus changed me. Jesus changed my personal life. After that, I was working for a man in Burma, but after eight years of working with him, God had bigger things in mind. I started preaching the Gospel near Southeast Asia and Burma. I came back to Thailand with my whole family because an Australian missionary needed someone to help improve Lisu literature. God gave me a rewarding job, but it did not pay very well. Now I work in Thailand as a Translation Researcher and Evangelist. We have improved many Lisu translations. The Gospel is the best message to translate. God does not have a plan to make me a rich man now but a rich man when I die. Jesus is the only Savior, and nothing can compare to my Savior. He forgives my sins and can forgive yours. My three daughters have accepted Jesus and are so precious to me. I teach them about Jesus. My name is David Cheta, and I surrender.” 

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