"I was just a baby and had several illnesses. My dad told my family we needed to go see a witch doctor. When we went to see the witch doctor, he was not home, but we found some neighbors who were Christians. In order to save me as a baby, they prayed over me. I almost died, but instead I became healed. After that moment, my whole family accepted Jesus Christ. My older brother is a pastor, and my sister married a pastor. When I got married to the love of my life, we wanted to serve the Lord together. I served as an evangelist. We were struggling with having enough food to eat during a season. One time my husband and I were at an isolated area in the jungle, and my husband became very ill. It would take a whole day’s journey to leave one side of the jungle and would take two whole days to get to the other side where my brother lived. My husband laid down while I sang, danced, and praised all day and night. I asked my husband, “Do you feel any better?” He told me he did not feel better. I decided to keep singing and praying all day to help my husband. We were in the jungle for a week. We walked out of the jungle together holding hands, praising Jesus! We had eight children together; four of our children were killed in two months because of malaria. We always kept our faith strong in Jesus Christ. He can overcome any problem. Life is temporary, so place your hope in the permanence of Jesus. My name is Susanna, and I surrender."

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