"When the state came in and took my kids they took a piece of my heart. I felt like I would die of a broken heart. Giving my other two kids up for adoption has been the most difficult time in my life. My first child was taken away from me at 8 weeks old. I had to make the decision to let him be adopted. I had to make the same hard decision with my second child. I still carry that pain every single day. November 2012, I overdosed on meth amphetamines. During my recovery, I saw a white and bright light. I believe God stepped in at that moment and saved my life. That was the first time I felt like God was there. In 2016, I devoted my life to Christ. I needed to change and support from others. I needed to learn more about God and be free. I moved to Manhattan, Kansas to be a part of the Homestead. The Homestead is a program for woman who have been sex trafficked. Being around that Christian community gave me a lot of love and encouragement despite my past. This gave me confidence about changing my life. The word surrender means strength. The only people who surrender their lives to the Lord are the strong. After surrendering my life to Jesus Christ, I have seen joy and peace develop in my life. This peace reminds me that I am not alone in this life. I have learned to be kind to others in their situations. You cannot, no matter how strong you think you are, fight the battles of this life on your own. People need to know that God will be there with you no matter what. My name is Amber and I surrender."

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