"My daughters did not know a loving and nurturing father. They knew a father that ignored them. Sin had become a part of me. During my divorce, I found Christ. My daughters got to see the power of Christ change me. If you can imagine it in an animated movie, I laid myself down at His throne, in my garage, all by myself. As I staggered to the door of His throne room and as I threw myself against the door, it fell open because it was unlocked. Sometimes in our sinful nature, we feel like God has locked the door on us and we cannot come back. It was the eye opening moment for me when I realized that the door was never locked! I found myself mentoring two kids down the street living with their grandmother. I found myself teaching for a Sunday school class with some troubled youth in it. I found myself serving in a leadership role and this was all within a few years of my redemption! Christ was cultivating me! He was allowing me to experience different ministries. The Lord has used me in my neighborhood to minister to those around. I am eager and hungry to continue to glorify Him and share His love! We need to allow ourselves to be inconvenienced more often to serve our brothers and sisters. Christ has full sovereignty in my life. Before Christ, I was such a sinner, but in Christ, I am patient, more loving, and merciful toward others. Surrender means giving up control without any doubt. Trusting in His love. God has to be the center of our lives. He cannot take a backseat. My name is Gordon and I surrender."



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