Mufde, Sudan


"I opened a door for Satan to manipulate my brain.  I got interested in science at the beginning of high school, it consumed all of me.  I got lost in it.  I became an atheist.  I was raised in a Christian family.  I was contradicting my own faith; I was debating my own self.  I was trying to depend on my own mind and my own intelligence.  I was trying to be in charge.  I was literally going crazy.  Then my time came. The Lord Himself started to work in me.  He was able to open my heart, which was so closed.  My heart was not interested in hearing any truth. He brought many servants to minister to me. A pastor was reading the bible and God’s words opened my heart.  I saw God’s real power and manifestation.  I saw gifts of the Holy Spirit happening.  Science is something connected with this world.  God is above and beyond this world.  If any person is having doubt in God, I can tell you; Jesus Himself can be experienced just as science.  Jesus Himself can even be proved just as science. The only difference is Science is something you can see with your eyes; Jesus is something you experience.  Once you experience Jesus you can’t deny it. The moment you except Jesus, you will feel that peace, that comfort, that freedom.  You will feel renewed.  You will know that you have experienced something new.  It’s not only science that can be proven.  It’s not only science that can be experienced.  In Jesus you can experience the real meaning of feeling complete.  My name is Mufde and I surrender."

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