"I pulled his face into my hands, it was all covered with blood.  I was 19 weeks pregnant.  I don’t remember the impact.  The front window was shattered and I could see black smoke coming from the engine.  I can remember thinking "what am I going to do" and then I felt someone pull me under the arms.  The next thing I remember was laying down in the ambulance, strapped down with a C collar around my neck.  We overwhelmed the ER.  There was me, my boy's Dad, and the six occupants from the other car.  I remember hearing my Dad's voice. That was one of my moments of relief.  I was in the hospital for several weeks.  I can remember a doctor coming in and telling me that my baby was going to die and that they would keep me there so my body could abort the baby.  My Dad said "we don’t accept that".  He said "we are praying for this baby".  My son is almost 25 now.  My Dad asked me if I knew the people that had come to help.  I said no, I didn’t remember a lot.  He said there was somebody that wanted to meet me  It was an off duty policeman, his wife, their family, and friends.  They were the first ones at the scene.  The wife kept looking at me.  She said  "when we pulled up you were standing by the door of the car.  There was a little man holding you up".  I thought they had pulled me out of the vehicle, I was stunned.  She started crying instantaneously, then the men started crying. The car had lit the field on fire.  The flames were melting the dashboard.  The wife said when they pulled up that the little man let me go, almost like he knew they were there to help.  She said that he walked away into the burning field and just disappeared.  He was just gone.  I always believed that God was omnipotent and omnipresent.  That day, God had sent someone to pull me out of the burning vehicle.  God will use something like this to bring good.  My relationship with God is on an everyday basis.  Out of everything and anything, Jesus is a savior.  Where all other things, people, and places will fail you, He will not.  He can go with you anywhere.  People need hope and need to know that they are loved, despite all the things they struggle with.  My name is Gwendolyn and I surrender."


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