“I had been doing drugs and alcohol since the 7th grade.  When I was 20 years old I was pretty steeped in cocaine.  I was dealing cocaine to get free cocaine.  I was living in my parent’s basement, dealing drugs from their house.  I realized the jeopardy I was putting my family in, it broke me.  I was either going to kill myself or kill somebody else.  I needed to leave.  In January 1987 I looked into the sky, I was smoking a cigarette. I said, Lord if you can hang those stars in the sky and if you can have the moon close enough that it doesn’t crush me and far enough that I don’t float away because of the gravitational pull that it creates; If you can hold all of this together, there is no way in the world that my addiction can be to much for you.  I’m done trying, God, I’m done.  I put out my cigarette and I said “God deliver me” and He did.  I gave everything to the church.  I fell so deeply in love with Jesus.  I had to serve Him.  My name is Steve and I surrender.”

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