“Pat died at 16 years and 4 days, right after he got his drivers license.  My son was on the back of a motorcycle that a guy was getting ready to buy and he killed him.  He only lived about two hours.  Going through the grieving process was extremely tough.  I was stuck in the anger stage for about two years.  The one thing about grieving is everyone goes down a different path.  People grieve in their own way, you can’t change that.  I finally realized I couldn’t do it myself and I asked God.  I surrendered myself to him.  I said Lord, I can’t get through this, I need your help.  I said, I lost my only son and I don’t know what to do.  Sure enough, He came along.  God said, I sent my only son to help you, He died for your sins.  God could relate to me.  After giving my heart to Him I realized that there were other things He had for me to do.  I got involved with Big Brothers and then foster care.  We decided to adopt two kids, Ashleigh was 4 and Daniel was about 1.  Things really worked out by just listening to the path that Jesus had for me.  I was not to just worry about myself, but to worry about other people.  He gave me a path to follow.  My name is Larry and I surrender.”

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