“I struggled with identity before I got into a relationship with God. I started learning what it means to be in relationship with God when I read Psalm 139:14 and through the people, God brought into my life. Those words of “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” is a reminder of who I am in Christ. That was a reminder of depending on Him during anxiety and finance troubles going through college. I grew and learned to depend on God in those areas of my life. My friend gave me a book about battling lies and getting the enemy of out your head. People do not want to share their story because they feel like they do not have these big dramatic changes when that is not always, what happens. God does use big moments. It was not a big moment in my life. I just remember hearing His voice and being called into ministry. Surrender means giving it all to Jesus, no matter what it is; small like a friendship or like a few weeks ago when I decided to do a fast, when I did not really know what it meant. He was my provider without food for the day. I have grown in patience. The Lord has taught me to pray for patience, which I still struggle with [patience] but growing into that He has taught me that He will provide. I have grown in love as my heart breaks for those who do not know Jesus. Seek his word even if it is hard for you to get into. We learn about Him through scripture. My name is Mia and I surrender.” 

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