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“In October of 2015 I had emergency surgery, the CAT scan showed cancer. They took about eight inches of my colon and removed my appendix. The doctor came into my room, just like on television, and said you have stage 4 colon cancer. The big “C” word. I never thought that would happen to me, but here we are. In January of 2016 we went to the oncologists in Omaha, Nebraska. The oncologists pulled up a recent CAT scan on her computer and said ‘I don’t see anything.’ I was trusting in God the whole time. I knew I would be alright. My parents were very good Christians, I was raised in it. I have no doubt about anything that has to do with God. I know that He is our protector. I was definitely scared, but I didn’t feel like I was doomed. I would have been a thousand times more scared if I didn’t have God. It’s always about His will not mine. You glorify Him in the good and the bad. I pray a lot. I find comfort in reading the word of God. Let go and let God. We are saved by the grace of God. My name is Kim and I surrender.”

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