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“My best friend died in June, 2022. It was devastating. I realized I wasn’t in control of anything. I completely surrendered my life to Christ in January, 2023. I knew I couldn’t do anything without Him as far as my parenting, healing and surviving. I realized I was failing without Him. He has transformed my life in every aspect. I am a better person all around. I am more giving and a better parent. I am a better sibling and friend. I can think more clearly. I have people there that are Godly and are there for me. Jesus is there all the time. I make time for Him and I listen for His answers. I try not to worry and have more patience. Jesus is alive! Pray to Him. Start there. When you start to see your answers, like I have, it will all come together. We need to trust in what we cannot see. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Stop what you are doing and come closer to Him. Pray. It will be easier to handle ever situation you go through if you do this. My name is Ashley and I surrender.”

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