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"I couldn’t even go into Kohl’s because I expected her to be there because that’s where she worked. My mom passed away due to Covid, and it broke my heart. I had to heavily rely on my faith and family. During that time, I grew distant toward God because I asked myself why is this happening to me? Our family of eight kids and my dad relied on going to church. I didn’t want to miss church and desired to be in a safe space to know God was with me. I grew a lot during that time. Youth group is a huge support system, and I created more bonds with the girls. I was baptized the day before my birthday, and I believe that Jesus is my Lord and savior. After I was baptized, it proves to me more than ever of who Jesus is because of the kind things I have seen people do and the kind things my heart tells me to do. If I could give encouragement to another teen about grief who has lost a parent, I would say that the feeling won’t heal in a day, in a month, in a year, and as time goes on you will remember good things and the hardships. I recommend talking to your support system or even counselor. My friends let me cry on them. If you bottle it up, it will explode. My dad always tells me, “The past cannot define who you are, it is what the future holds and defining you.” God holds the future. I want to be defined as a loving Christian.

This past year, I was scared to start asking questions about things in the Bible and I asked my youth pastor who helped walk me through those questions. It is okay to question things but when you question, ask someone you can trust the question with as you seek truth. I have answers and wrestling with my questions that have grown me closer to God. I must come to peace to wait before I will get to see my mom again. God has a plan for me and a plan for you. My name is Madysen and I surrender."

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