“The Judge said 'since you're doing life on the installment plan, here's your next installment of 50 to 60 months'.  Hopelessness man, hopelessness. I got another felony in prison while I was waiting to go to prison.  I was fighting over somebody’s shampoo.  I had to serve another year.  I was in a 23hr lockdown for 13 straight months.  I had no contact with the outside world.  I had no family, no friends that were talking to me.  I was scared to death.  That was 15 years ago.  The Lord met me in a maximum-security prison.  When he revealed himself to me, I stayed awake for 3 days reading the bible. I went from being a pissed off 23-year-old kid, to having the love of God poured on me; crazy!  I was like, 'what in the world happened?'  God just completely wrecked my world. I felt the love and an acceptance in a way that I never in my life had ever seen before.  My eyes were completely opened and then I just started seeking Him with all I had.  My name is Chad and I surrender.”

(Chad, St. George, Kansas)


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