Courtney Part 1


"We were sitting at the campfire on our two-month wedding anniversary when I found myself in flames. When I got cold, he put gasoline on the fire. The fire shot up and he swung the gas can that sent the fire toward me. I was engulfed into flames. I stopped, dropped, and rolled but that did not work. I stood up screaming what to do; Mitch then tackled me and put the fire out. It seemed like the ambulance took forever to come. Weeks later, I woke up in the hospital. I remember asking God to forgive me because I thought I was going to die that night. Mitch and I are no longer together. People say I threatened to shoot Mitch, which is not true. I could not even use my hands or open a coke. God has taught me not to take the simple things for granted. I have forgiven Mitch. It was an accident. I pray for him and his family every night. My relationship with God gets better every day. It is amazing. God has blessed me so much as he continues to teach me patience. I used to be stared at all the time. In the beginning, it was uneasy, very tough. Now, I do not even pay attention to the stares anymore. If God can get me through this, then, He can get you through your situation. My name is Courtney and I surrender.”

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