“When I was in eighth grade, my parents made the decision to start fostering. When they became foster parents, I did not yet realize the impact that would have on my life. I felt abandoned. At the time, I felt I had been replaced. During my sophomore summer, a church camp leader challenged me to 'own up to my faith' instead of just piggybacking on my parent’s faith. I was missing the point. I viewed our fostering as the kids taking away from my time with my parents. With this challenge, I realized that I was really given the opportunity to participate in the ministry that my parents were doing in our home. My parents were not forgetting about me, they were inviting me to show the love that our Heavenly Father has given to us as a family and to pass down that love, through our family as a whole, to these kids. I prayed about this problem for about a year before the camp leader challenged me. That summer, I started loving the foster kids instead of resenting them.  Trust God with your here and now, because, he is not going to show you everything he has in store for you all at once. Trust Him with what is right in front of you and He will lead you to whatever is next. My name is Dylan and I surrender.”


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