"When I was a child, my parents sent me off to an orphanage. They did not want me. Many years later, I called my father just to say hello. He answered the phone asking, “How much money do you want?” My heart dropped and hurt bad. I felt completely abandoned and rejected. I took drugs to fill up the void. I went to college and became addicted to smoking and drugs. I had sexual immorality in my life. My wife got pregnant. We were told one bottle of this liquid would kill the baby. It did not work, so my wife drank five bottles. My daughter is a walking miracle. Finally, I got a job with good income. I still had this void in my life. All this time I was needing love from my parents but would not admit it. I was running a small business at a bus terminal for extra income. At the bus station terminal there was a Christian ministry there asking people, “Are you interested in learning about the love God has for you as your Heavenly Father?” I was very interested. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and felt the love I had been missing my entire life. I decided to go to Bible School and serve the Lord with ministry work. I used to hate my parents, but I no longer do. God changed my heart and my thought process. I am now filled with the love of Jesus Christ. My name is Tim, and I surrender."


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